Patriotic Band Concert

Dear Brother,

I have decided that I must write immediately to you.  I just got home from an outdoor band concert.  It is one of many of the area's patriotic celebrations.  It was simply splendid.

The band is made up of community members ranging in age from 14-retired.  Those in attendance ranged in age from babies to retired.  Those who had served in wars were wearing baseball caps describing their service and there were also immigrants there, some wearing t-shirts saying "Seasons Greetings", clearly still catching onto the American spirit of patriotism.

Ten numbers were played.  These were fun.  Music of John Williams, the Beatles, and Michael Jackson were mingled among favorite patriotic pieces; "The Stars and Stripes Forever", "The Star Spangled Banner", and "The Ultimate Patriotic Sing-Along".  The sing-along was made up of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic", "America the Beautiful", "You're a Grand Old Flag", and "God Bless the U.S.A".  Preparations had been made to print the words on the program so that all could join, and all of the audience spontaneously stood up to the lyrics:
"There's pride in every American heart and it's time we stand and say: I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me."
Thank you for serving in the armed forces.  I know you'll say that there are those who are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you're not, but you do wear the uniform and you are serving our country.
You know I love these types of concerts, but this was the best one out of the three years that I've attended.  Two songs, "National Emblem March" and also "The Cowboys" brought back so many memories to me.  I danced to "The Cowboys" at BYU the year before you joined the band after your mission.  So fun!  Also, did you play the "National Emblem March" in high school with me?  It might have been after you had graduated that it was our parade song.  I definitely danced to it in the color guard.

I have decided that T.S. is probably one of the most under appreciated teachers that ever taught at our high school.  His work with the band was phenomenal and he did so many great things to advance the band program.  When you think about how many students pass through the band program every year and he was there for so many years, that's a lot of student's that T.S. came in contact with.  I also just think about how much I learned by being in a band; music theory, how to belong to a large group, how to have discipline, the joy of working with and accomplishing something with others, etc.

I have actually wanted to look up an email address for T.S. and email him a thank you letter for a couple years now, but I know, intentions mean nothing.  I will tell you when I finally follow-through and email him.

I wish you could have been here tonight, but at least we'll see you and your family soon.



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