Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

Dear Friend M,

When I first met you, your son was the same age that my daughter is now.  At the time I remembering you expressing so much frustration about being a mother and the hardships that came with it.  Now that my daughter is that same age, I think about you all of the time.

I constantly want to pull my hair out.  I never feel like I know what to do.  When I do feel confidant in my ability about something my daughter doesn't react how I think she should and then everything just spirals downhill.

I am sure you have already seen this, because it's been out for awhile.  It's from the Mormon Messages channel.  I wanted to send it to you anyways, because it really is wonderful!  It will lift you up, and help you remember that it is worth it!

I am so excited for your new baby!  She is almost here!



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