Get Over Yourself

Dear Friend M,

I am sorry that I have to be so blunt, but get over yourself.  I am tired of you playing the victim card.  We all are victims if we choose to be.  We all have hardships in life.  Some are brought upon us by our own choices, but many other hardships are because of others actions that we have no control over.  Yes, it no fun, but also have our agency about how we deal with that.

Yes, I know what you are going though, and it wasn't a part of your "life plan".  I wouldn't be living here and I wouldn't even know you, if my "life plan" had worked out.  There's also a gazillion other things that I wouldn't have done if my "life plan" had worked out.

Because you are so caught up in your situation, you can't look around you and see that so many other people have it worse off than you.  There are so many other people that need a friend.  Get over yourself and open up your eyes.

With the right attitude, you could be a great influence for good, but you need to stop throwing pity parties for yourself and get to work.  It makes me think of this song.



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