There Was a Crazy Moose

Dear Readers,

I recently chaperoned some cub scouts while they were attending their Day Camp.  I say chaperoned, because I am not the den leader, so I only attended one day, and did not get to see the full scope of everything that happened there, so I don't really feel like I went, but that's all beside the point.

One of the camp songs they sang was the Crazy Moose song.  I had completely forgotten about this song.  I don't know if it is very popular, because this is only the second place I heard it.  The first place I heard it was in a class taught by Dr. Gary Palmer.  He is amazing!!!  So I started thinking and remembering the class and other classes I had taken from him at BYU.

Then I also remembered that he was published in the Ensign magazine once.  Here is his article.  It is about laughter in the home.  I love reading it, because I can picture all of his voice infections, and faces, and body gestures that he would use if he were telling these stories in class.

I especially like this quote:
I think laughter is more important than a family vacation because it’s always available and it’s free. Vacations are not.
I have been dreaming of a family vacation this Summer that probably won't happen, so I will be looking for more laughter instead of more money and time that I needed for the vacation.
Husband says I am witty (and I think he is too), but witty doesn't usually produce belly laughter, at least for me.

If anybody knows a good joke, send it my way!!!



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