Spiritual Crocodiles

Dear Dad,

You will not believe this.  This past week, my family and I were attacked by little man-eating fish.  You always told me that the fish would be more scared of me than I was of them, but that was not the case, we were terrified of them.

I just have to tell you this, not to rub it in that you were wrong.  Husband and I actually think you are one of the best "educated guessers" around.  You know a lot, and have a lot of common sense, and when you put it all together, your guesses tend to be quite close to the truth.

So there we were, just a-campin' away next to a beautiful lake.  Yes, our campsite was that close!
We decided to go for a swim.  Daughter loved it!!!
Then these little guys showed up to play.
They bit me a few times, and I could tell when they nibbled at Daughter, she would kind of look around the water, like "Hey, what happened?"  Husband got the worst of it.  They kept biting at the moles on his back, and broke the skin twice!!!  He had blood running down his back, and I can only imagine how much it must have hurt.  I have no idea if the moles looked like little bait or what, but they were brutal.  The best way to describe it is like tigers stalking their prey.  They had no fear of us, and just kept inching closer and closer and closer until they bit you.  Thankfully they didn't bother us if we swam after dark, and they left Husband alone once he swam with a shirt on.

There you can sort of see the size compared to my big toe.
While Daughter rested (notice that her feet aren't actually touching the ground! and yes she did that by herself), I began to think...
Those fish were so small.  The lake was so big.  They totally seemed like they shouldn't have had any effect on our camping trip, yet they made us so jumpy that anytime a rock settled on the ground and brushed against our feet we were making our way out of the water to the safety of the shore.

I also found myself thinking about Spiritual Crocodiles, a talk by Boyd K. Packer.  I have also included the video that was made after his talk was given.  In the talk, he talks about how the watering holes looked safe, but that they all were super unsafe to the other animals to get a drink, because there were always crocodiles waiting to eat them.  I thought about the little things in my life that look harmless, but really are not.  I recently decided to stop watching a certain television show.  It had references to drugs, fornication, homosexuality, bullying and other things that I don't agree with.  Every week we put our trash out at the curb to be taken away.  I don't need to bring anymore filth into my home.  There are some blogs that poke fun at my beliefs that I have decided to no longer read.  I know why would I read them in the first place?  They just didn't seem that bad.....they were funny......I know it sounds lame now.

I have also been thinking.  Am I always thinking the best of others?  Am I always being a positive person?  Oh, Dad, you've taught me so much.  I love you.  You have been a great example to me.



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