Ride, Sally, Ride

Dear Friend T,

I never get a chance to talk to you anymore, so here are a few thoughts to unload on you.

1.  Recently at a baby shower, I was seated at a table with women that I did not know.  One was telling the others about her upcoming move, which was a surprise to them.  They said, "But you have a lovely home.  Don't you like it?"  The first woman replied.  "Yes, but it is just bigger than we need, so we are downsizing."  I could tell that some of the ladies thought she was weird, but in my head I was so proud of her to do that, to live so prudently.

This happened about two weeks ago so I have been thinking about provident living quite a bit since then.

2.  One morning I was going to work out to a DVD.  Rather than getting to do it downstairs, where there is a large space for me to move around in, I was stuck upstairs confined to a 3 foot by 3 foot space which isn't going to work for push ups.  Of course I worked out in a huff, because this was Husband's fault, not mine. :)  Looking around at everything that was in the way, it WAS mine.  MY craft junk, MY piano music, MY personal files, MY cd's, and MY decorations.  MY garbage.  I picked up everything in the way and threw them into garbage bags and since then I have pulled out some piano books that I needed, but otherwise, I have been living without my "can't live without" crafts, cd cases, etc.

My conclusion?  I have known this for awhile, but there is no way to get around it now.  I am a Stuff-a-holic.  Also known as a pack rat (sounds so harsh).  What to do about it?  Well, I know, throw stuff away, but it is just easier said than done.  I have been working on this stuff for almost 5 years!!!

I also realized that I was a Stuff-a-holic when I looked at my garbage can and the only thing in there was packaging.  Now you can say that is a good thing, that I recycle, that I find new life for things rather than dumping them, but no, it's not a good thing.  It means that my house is filled with outdated magazines, old "projects", and tons of paper that might need to be filed, and it might not.  I won't know, because I ignore it, afraid to make such a final decision as sending it to it's final resting place.

3.  Lastly, I don't know if you noticed or not, but we sold our beloved Corolla, Sally.  Husband called her that (much to my distaste in the beginning, but it did kind of grow on me).  We have been thinking about it for months, but just finally got around to really doing it.  She was a great car, our first car together.  She's getting older, and becoming too much of a liability.  I am glad that we are downsizing like that one woman moving houses.  We are a family of three people that try to spend as much time together as possible, so we didn't really drive both cars enough to justify two cars except for that we live in America where this is the norm.

There's  a lot more I could say, but you get the idea.  I have been thinking about needing to clean up my clutter.  I love this scripture.  It's my goal.  I'll keep you posted.

Good to talk,

P.S.  One final pic of Sally.  I am sure the buyer thought I was nuts, but now that more time has passed, I know we made the right decision to let her go.


Debbie said…
We sold a car too. We have a van, and then we owned my first car too. I am unemployed so there is no income coming in right now, so we sold my car to 1) decrease our insurance payment each month and 2) pay off some pressing debt. It was hard saying goodbye, but it was the right decision. Hooray for good downsizing choices. :)

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