The Power of Love

Dear Readers,

I have recently had an experience.  A wonderful experience.  A life changing, humbling experience.  However, it is an experience that isn't meant to be chronicled here on this blog.

What I will say to you though, is that there is power in love.  The Bible does say that it is the greatest commandment.  So today I am writing to you with a challenge.  Think of one way to improve love in your life, and then DO it.  This can be love of self, love of God, love of spouse, or love of children.  Any of these are important relationships in our lives and relationships need to be worked on to help the love thrive. Even writing this right now, I have many ideas that I could do for all of these relationships in my own life.

My only rule is that you need to think of something that you can do all by yourself, not dependent on anyone else.  Sure the people that we have relationships with have flaws, but we do too, and I encourage you today to be honest with yourself about the love in your life.

Good luck,


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