A Little Honesty

Dear Friend P,

Remember how recently I was telling you how everyone I know has a problem with negativity right now?  Well I have more to say about that.

So looking around and finding problems in everyone is easy.  Everyone has flaws.  This I know, because I have allowed to let these flaws in everyone BOTHER me.  I realized recently that I have flaws too.  It's the whole mote/beam thing found in the Bible.

I am a hypocrite.  I don't mean to be, because really who does?  I know that you know this, and I think you are kind to not point this out to me, whenever I am having a beam in my eye.

I have to say a little honesty goes a long way. I realized that I was being negative about the people being negative.  I might have been positive about the things they were being negative about, but I was completely missing that I was being negative about them, and letting it really bring me down and totally consume my life.

Since I have self-examined this past week, my life is back to being awesome!!!  I realized what I was doing, that I was being selfish, and that I am no better than my neighbors.  We are all God's children and he loves us all the same, which by the way is more than we can really ever comprehend.

Here's the funny part, ever since I have stopped being so "negative", guess what?  So has everyone else.......  The human mind is such a funny thing.

Thanks for listening.  You always do.

Your friend,


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