LDS Church Music Interactive Music Player

Dear Readers,

I have often linked to the LDS Church Music Interactive Music Player website.  This is an awesome resource. I would like to point out one feature that you may or may not know about.

When a song page loads, if you look at the upper left hand corner of the page you will see where it has the "play" button controls.  Below that it says "Interactive" and the button is filled next to "Music with Parts".  This is to help people learn the song.

If you click the button next to "Words and Music" which is just below that, then you will get a a nice MP3 recording that is not so choppy of a fake piano.  If you just want background music then choose "Music Only". has the downloadable files if you would like to download them.  Click here for the specific page.

There are many other wonderful features to this site, but I just wanted you to enjoy the songs that I link to.



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