I Love You

Dear Brother,

Hey Bro, it's been awhile.  I miss hearing about everything going on at school and everything that you are up to.  I can't believe how big you are now.  When I see Husband hanging out with the other boys who have just graduated they always look so grown up to me with bright futures.  Then I remember you are the same age, too, but I just seem to always remember the sweet little you.

The little you that sang and danced and was always smiling and jumping up and down and was always so loving and expressive.  Growing up you were the one that ALWAYS shared a piece of your candy bar with everyone.  You always were so thoughtful and helpful.  I know that J.M. always appreciated you going up to her every Sunday and greeting her.  You were such a peacemaker.  I miss playing in the backyard with you.  Of course I was always bossing everyone around, but you were always just you.  Sweet and simple.

I thought about these memories today.  We had Stake Conference today and Elder Lynn Robbins came to speak to us.  Some of his thoughts were about love and expressing it and that we need to be better at that.  I thought of you and hope to be like your example.

He said that we needed to say "I love you" more and that we needed to express that in our homes so that our children knew how to love.  He also said that love is a decision and that it is not something that we fall into or out of.  He asked that everyone there read Moroni 7 and 1 Corinthians 13 and read the 13 points about love and what it is describing.

His words made me think about choosing to love my neighbors.

Thank you for your example.  I love you.



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