He Sent His Son

Dear Sister,

I thought your kids might like to watch this.  Daughter does.  The first time that she watched it, she applauded
at the end.  The phone had rung so I didn't see the whole thing, so we watched it again, and again, and again and Daughter applauded, and applauded, and applauded.  It is one of Daughter's very favorite things to do.  She loves the pictures of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know she also enjoys hearing children sing the song.

This week I have been writing a talk for Sacrament Meeting  this Sunday about Jesus Christ, so I have been pondering how I feel about Him and my relationship with Him.  I'll share the results when I finish, but first I am off on a camping trip to enjoy the beauty of our Heavenly Father's creations.



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