Dear Friend K,

I just wanted to thank you for being the best friend ever.  Even though there is an age difference between you and I, I love that you treat me as your equal.  None of this "Wait until you're my age, because you are a little girl." garbage.  Why would I want to be your age when I am my age now?  I want to be your age in 10-15 years after I enjoy the experiences that come with being my age.  Thanks for respecting that and recognizing the potential not just in me, but in everyone.  You truly see the best in everyone and are such a good example to me.  You move forward as a disciple of Christ not caring whether that makes you popular or not.

I also love the way that our families have become intertwined together.  It's almost kind of crazy considering that we have no blood connection.  Your children are a delight and I love that even though our daughters are not the same age they play so well together.

Everyone should have a friend as great as you.



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