Choir Practice

Dear Sister,

I just home from a church choir practice and it took me back over a decade ago when I went to my first choir practice.  I sat next to you, crowded on a soft squishy couch that seemed to eat up my body (and was not very conduscive to singing).  This was back when we were meeting at the G. home.  You were singing alto, but I couldn't follow so I had to switch to soprano.

The girl that I sat next to today had your exact tone quality. I have been by her before, and somehow you guys just sound the exact same when you sing.  It definitely made me smile to myself, because it has been a really really long time since we have sung in a choir together.

It made me think of singing selection's from Handel's "Messiah" and many other songs that appeared in our folders, marking up up music with our pencils, all while being very squished in that living room.  Every once in awhile the director would have made cinnamon rolls which were always a welcome treat.  I remembered the choir president, S.M. who took her job very seriously, making weekly reminder phone calls, and always having a motivational quote to read each week.  I also remembered C.H. who is no longer with us, but a big part of my choir memories.  He always was paying attention to the music to make sure we were observing all of the markings and expressions that were listed.

Those were the days.  Remember?



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