Almost a Grown-Up

Dear Readers,

I will never consider myself a grown-up until I properly know how to prepare mushrooms.

We eat them fairly often and I am always afraid of dying.  Now let's clear this up right here, right now.  I am NOT afraid of dying.  Life will be awesome living with my family forever.  I am just afraid of dying by mushroom.  That seriously just sounds like the worst way to go.

Here is my call for help.  Please leave a comment informing me of:
1. How well do they really need to be washed?  Do they really have to soak in cold water?
2. How much stem must be removed?  Does more than the stem need to be removed?  What about that brown fringey stuff?  What about the white weird stuff around the stem?

And no this is not a sneaky way to get comments on my blog.  I am not that shallow.  I felt grown-up when I started to pay my own car insurance.  I felt grown-up getting my piano tuned.  I felt grown-up when I had to water my garden at midnight to keep it alive (a non-grown-up would have let it die for sure).  It's just one of those things in my head that only makes sense there, but when you say it out loud it does kind of sound ridiculous.

Indulge me,


Debbie said…
Better late than never I suppose . . . about those mushrooms: I'm pretty sure if you buy them in the store, you can eat them as is. No need to wash. No need to trim. Just eat. Stems, fringey stuff, and all. However, that being said, I wash them. It's mud on them, after all. However, if you are picking your own mushrooms, all bets are off. :)
Melissa said…
So, I don't have any suggestions on the mushrooms (sorry, I like most vegetables, but mushrooms have not found their way into my heart...) but I clicked on the 'call for ideas' tab and saw this post and I thought it was funny that you mentioned that death by mushroom would be an undesirable way to go, plus I liked how you mentioned certain things made you feel grown-up. Sometimes I feel so old and mature, and then other times I can't believe that I'm the 'Mom.' Good luck with those mushrooms!

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