Adoption Aha Moment

Dear Sister,

I know we haven't talked about this for a little while, but I was just going to let you know that now I feel like I could adopt whereas before I didn't.  I wasn't really against it, but I didn't really know how it fit with me.  I always planned on having many children, but that doesn't seem to be plausible anymore.  Reading these questions before, always just confused me.  I was never sure that I would be able to love an adopted child the same as my own, and I was worried that the child wouldn't love me, that they would only want their mom.

So eventually, I had kind of just talked myself into a smaller family, because I do love Husband and Daughter and life is good, but a few Saturdays ago I had the neatest (I know who says that?) experience.  Husband and I were watching someone's children while they attended the temple.  Isn't this picture of Oakland, divine?  I totally miss seeing that every week.  The church we attended was on the same property as this temple.

Anyways, my "aha" moment came while we were eating lunch.....well having a chaotic moment that is also known as lunch.  Five kids, ages 1-9 were all seated at the table eating chicken nuggets, needing ketchup on their plates, apple juice poured in cups, and many other needs all filled at the same time.  It was at this moment that my eyes met Husband's and I just knew.  I knew that I could love somebody's child as much as my own.  The way that Daughter interacted with them all and how loving Husband was just cemented it into my soul.  I knew right in that second that I could have a large family and that I will have a large family.  Someday we'll be in our house with our own family, 5 kids, ages 1-9, and they'll all be mine.  They might have different mother's but that won't matter.

We won't be able to adopt for a few years because of our financial situation, but I know that then I will be ready.



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