Dear Readers,

I hesitate to use "readers" as plural, because this blog is for me.  Hence, I am one reader, not more than one.  However, I do think my husband will read this blog, and then I think of my sister, and then on and on (or so I hope), so that is why I am using readers instead of reader.  I do not expect others to read my blog out of duty or obligation, but I hope that as is it develops and progresses that others will be drawn to it because of my writing style (and talent).  I know I am dreaming big, but if I am going to spend time on dreams, they might as well be big.

I have shied away from blogging for a long time.  It was always for this reason or that reason (I don't want to get into a blogging debate here and now).  However, I have always loved to communicate.  Ask my family.  Ask my friends.  Ask anyone who knows me well.  I love to talk to people.  I love to meet new people.  In my teenage years I would stay up late to talk to this person or that person.  In public, I would talk to strangers and make friends easily.  In college I even declared communications as my major only to change it again (and again).  I still have concerns and reservations about blogging, but I also believe that it is time to "join the conversation" as asked by Elder Russell M. Ballard.  Therefore, I will be non-specific in some of my writing.  My intent is not to offend or steal others' ideas, but rather respect their privacy.  Also, keep in mind that I know many people.  If you think I am posting about you, think before taking offense, please.

Why letters?  It is a scientific un-proven fact that EVERYONE loves to receive mail.  Everyone loves finding something in the mailbox other than bills, and unwanted advertisements.  When I was younger I went out of my way to write letters to others specifically so that they would write me back.  I spent many hours writing these letters.  I would use different colored inks, make cards, and find ways to pack as much into an envelope as my one ounce would allow.  Then I also decorated the envelopes, hoping that as others came in contact with the envelope that it would inspire a desire to communicate and that I could single handedly jump start an increase in mail volume.  Lastly, I always went to the post office in person to send off my masterpieces (they were not just letters).  I never was annoyed by waiting in the line.  It was worth it to hand deliver my envelope to the clerk, to get it weighed and then stamped before being placed in it's correct bin.

These letters are for family, friends and those I don't know.  They are my voice to say the things I want to say.  They represent my ideas, feelings, and beliefs.  I hope you enjoy.

So my dear readers, I look forward to meeting you, and I hope the same goes for you.



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