The Thrill of Teaching

Dear Sister,

I recently had my piano recital and I understand now why you would want to become a teacher.  It was amazing to see these kids perform.  I work with them on a weekly basis and of course see their constant progress (or sometimes it seems, the lack of progress).  However, they all rose to the occasion and it was wonderful to see them be able to share their progress with others.  We had a large turnout and I was proud of the support that these kids had.

I can only imagine how it must be to work with a class on a daily basis wanting and hoping for them to succeed.  To see so much potential in each child and ponder how to best pull it out of them.  It is so funny to know that they are all working towards the same goal, yet every path for each child is completely different from each other.

I am so excited and energized from the recital.  The whole night was one big positive event.  There is so much negativity in the world, I was glad to provide a bright bit of hope to all who attended.  Of course it wasn't just me.  The kids were all so professional, so polished and I know they basked in their accomplishments.

Every detail was wonderful and as I saw each child feel like a million bucks, I saw them grow.  I am looking forward to summer lessons.  They all want them.  Can you believe it?  I have never seen such motivated students before.  I love it.

Hope all is well.



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