Mothers and Daughters

Dear Readers,

I want to tell you about an experience that I had.  Today my Visiting Teachers came and shared a message with me.  If you do not know what Visiting Teachers are, click here to view a 2 minute video that will explain it to you.

They shared a message with me about a talk recently given entitled "Mothers and Daughters".  In it M. Russell Ballard talks about the relationship between a mother and her daughters.  Really, if you are a mother, or a daughter (that would be all women), I invite you to read it or re-read it.  (Men are welcome to also)

After thinking about the things that they shared all day, tonight as we tried to read some scripture to my daughter.  I paused.  Rather than send her quickly off to bed, I took her on my knee, and I told her that I knew that Heavenly Father lives.  That He loves us.  That He knows my name, and her name, and Husband's name.  I told her that He wanted us to make good choices so that we could live with Him again.

It was sweet.  It was simple.  It was short.  It was a special moment where we strengthened our bond.

I hope that all mothers will give this gift to their daughters, to share with them their beliefs.



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