Money, Money, Money

Dear Friend A,

I thought you would be interested in knowing that I no longer do the budgeting for my family.  I started doing it when my husband had less time, but now that his schedule has changed we have decided that he will take over the majority of the responsibility.  We have always made our financial decisions together, but whoever is in charge of the tracking and recording does tend to be involved a lot more, and no one can complain if everyone is clothed and fed and we have a roof overhead.

At first I was afraid of change, but change is good.  Already he has made some changes that have been good things.  He also said that this has made him feel more like the provider of our family.  He is supposed to provide, preside, and protect while I nurture the children, and that is nice to know we are fulfilling our roles.

Going from no budget a few years ago to what we have now, we've come so far and have so much financial freedom because of it.  We have no consumer debt and save every month.  We always are trying to further our financial knowledge so that we can teach our children.



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