I Love the Piano

Dear Mother,

As I have been preparing for the upcoming piano recital I have been thinking about you a lot.  I will always remember the day, one summer long ago, where you sat by my side and helped me practice a song that was so difficult at the time that I was ready to quit taking piano lessons over it.

I remember sitting there on the bench, eyes filled with tears so I could barely see the notes on the page.  You sat next to me pointing to one measure at a time helping me to figure it out, and rewarding me with candy to keep me going.

Though we did not learn the whole song that afternoon, I have never forgotten that day as that was the turning point where everything clicked and all of a sudden I was playing many pieces at a much higher level, and then sight-reading and accompanying others, and then my love for the piano really took off.

Since that day you have heard many of the fruits of our labors.  However, I've been out of the house for sometime now and so you have not heard many other pieces played.

Yesterday I accompanied a group of Spanish singers at Church.  I showed up, we practiced once, then the violin player showed up (gotta love that Latin culture), so I didn't know exactly how the piece was going to turn out.  I sat through the service not knowing what was being said most of the time.  I only knew it was time for the number when I saw everyone else stand up.  What happened next was the most beautiful musical number and I felt so blessed to be a part of it.  The singers ranged in age from 10-17, so their vocal abilities were limited, but they sang from the heart.  As I left the meeting I saw that several people were wiping tears, they had been touched by the music.

These types of things happen every week, Mom, and I just want you to know of the far reaching effect of that one summer day where you didn't let me give up.



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