How Does Your Garden Grow?

Dear Friend V,

How are you?  I haven't had the chance to ask you.  How is your garden?  Are you going to try the lettuce again?  I am especially interested as this year I have planted my own.

My husband dug up a 10x15 plot in the backyard and we have already planted corn, peas, onions, carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers.  I admit I was skeptical as I have never really planted anything before and have struggled to keep flowers alive.

I was not prepared for the thrill of seeing our very first crops appear, the little plants barely poking out of the soil!  Now the corn and peas are tall enough to be seen while looking out of the kitchen window.  It took longer, but now the onions and carrots have shown themselves as well.  I am still hopeful for the broccoli and peppers and if it's not too late we want to plant some tomatoes and squash.

I hope we have some "beginner's luck" as I look forward to eating all of these yummy vegetables.  We'll get better with practice I am sure.  I don't know that we were the most efficient with our space, but we are learning the skills, and eventually we will be more self-reliant.

Good luck,


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