I am Sorry

Dear Daughter,

I am sorry.  It is always difficult to swallow one's pride and apologize, but sometimes to those we love it is even harder to say that one is sorry.

I am sorry that this past week, I didn't express to you my love as I should have.  I should not have yelled.  I should not have used that tone of voice with you.  I could have been more patient and less selfish.

I had forgotten.  I had forgotten how long I had waited for you to come to my family.  I had forgotten the years of disappointment and longing.  The feeling that I would do anything to have the opportunity to have you in my life.  I had forgotten where you came from and I had forgotten that you are not only my daughter, but a daughter of God.  He loves you even more than I love you.  He has entrusted you to my care, and I will do better, because I love you and I love Him.

You are a VIP to our Heavenly Father and I am sorry that this past week, I forgot.



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