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Happy Easter!

Dear Friend K,

I heard yesterday during the Music and the Spoken Word broadcast that "if the message of Easter were reduced to just one word, that word might be hope."  It was a glorious, joyful, peaceful, optimistic, hopeful day.  Last night at bedtime, Son, didn't want Easter to end.  I feel the same way.  It was wondrous!

The day started with some Easter crafts.  Chicks to represent new life and Mary and Jesus in front of the garden tomb.  We don't make as many crafts now that we're not homeschooling, but we took advantage of our time together while Husband caught up on some sleep.  We had an enjoyable morning talking, discussing, and learning together about the Savior's resurrection.  I really love to teach my children!

We ate our traditional "conference breakfast."  General Conference was delightful.  We rejoiced in revelation and news of revelation that pertained to us.  When our children became rowdy, we dismissed them from the room.  However, t…

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